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Get Reliable, Consistent Passive Income through the Power of Real Estate Lending (Without Ever Having to Swing a Hammer)

Learn why “becoming the bank” is the best seat at the table in ANY real estate deal –
and how we’re providing investors the chance to do just that –
without any prior real estate education or experience!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the investment opportunity?

This is real estate investment fund organized to fund the Operating Business’
ability to make, purchase, originate, fund, acquire and/or otherwise sell loans secured by interests in real or personal property located across the United States, with a primary focus in South Carolina and Georgia. Manage, remodel, repair, lease and/or sell real properties acquired through the Fund’s lending activities, including but not limited, properties acquired through foreclosure and real estate owned (“REO”) properties.

What’s the minimum amount required?


What does the fund do with this money?

Puts it to work and invests it in real estate as a bank does.

Who manages the fund?

Matthew Bell is a Real Estate Investment Strategist and Certified Fund Manager who partners with CEOs, executives, and solopreneurs to grow both net worth and cashflow to accelerate their path to retirement. After spending nearly a decade in pharmaceutical, medical, and other B2B sales, Matthew understands the obstacles professionals face in paying off huge student debt, growing and operating a successful business, and clearing a path to financial freedom. Having bought, renovated, and either sold or rented over Six Thousand (6,000) single family residential properties in the past Eight (8) years, Matthew knows what truly drives effective real estate investment and portfolio growth – and it is NOT mastering the investment strategy flavor of the week. It is maintaining the consistency and focus of the strategy, becoming an expert at it, and leveraging your network.

Amy Cooper has over 25 years of business development experience in the real estate, multifamily property management, and construction industries. As the Property Management Division Director for Frazee paints, she oversaw exterior cap ex renovations for over 7000 multifamily units in the Metro Phoenix market. While at PPG Paints, she was instrumental in building a National Asset Protection Program for over 30,000 single family homes across the country. As a multifamily owner and investor, she has a passion for helping people invest responsibly. She now teaches others how to strategically invest in real estate in innovative ways. Helping people’s money – make money has become her mission.

How is my money protected?

The fund only invests in real estate, so money is backed by a hard asset.

When do cash disbursements start?

Within six months of entering the fund

How long is the investment period?

24 months

Can I withdraw my investment during the 24-month period?


What happens at the end of 24 months?

You have the option to take full disbursement or re-invest.

What level of returns can I expect from investing with Make You The Bank? 

Preferred Return: 8%, Annualized Distributions paid quarterly
Split above 8% Preferred : 50% / 50%

What is a preferred return?

It is the return that gets paid first.  Priority pay

How can I get more information or invest with Make You The Bank? 

Schedule a meeting : https://calendly.com/amy_make_me_the_bank